Hand Bindery – Helping Expedite Products to Market

As a HUBZone company, Rondo-Pak cares about the community of Camden, New Jersey and its citizens and creates opportunities for employment.

As a global print and packaging solutions provider, Rondo-Pak offers many opportunities for both skilled and unskilled labor. One such area is the Hand Bindery at Rondo-Pak. As a supplier of folding cartons to most of the top pharmaceutical companies, there is often a need to expedite product to market, prior to the product manufacturer having the equipment necessary for the formation of the cartons and packaging of the product. Rondo-Pak offers a solution in their Hand Bindery. This department is made up almost entirely of residents of Camden, the HUBZone in which Rondo-Pak operates. The work performed is the formation of the folding cartons to the same exacting specifications as required for sophisticated packaging machinery. Through effective training and custom-made hand tools the bindery can produce up to 10,000 formed cartons daily.

According to Bob Reilley, President and COO of Rondo-Pak: “Our Hand Bindery fills a void in facilitating our clients need to get their products to market quickly. We solve a problem for our customers and at the same time offer an opportunity for many residents of the area to obtain a rewarding employment opportunity.”

The Contemporary Graphic Solutions (CGS) division of Rondo-Pak also has many opportunities to utilize Hand Bindery skills. Hand Bindery resources dedicated to the CGS side of the business are kept busy putting together complicated Sales Kits and customized Marketing Packages used by their clients to equip their sales forces and disseminate important informationthroughout their distribution channels.

Rondo-Pak is a Joint Venture with Körber Pharma. Rondo-Pak offers print and packaging solutions to many of the clients served by Körber Pharma, a global pharma technology expert, offering  integrated solutions, spanning consultancy, inspection, handling, packaging machines and materials, track and trace, and industry leading software.