Rondo-Pak – Setting the Standard in Quality and Consistency

Rondo-Pak is proud to be one of the very few printers in North America that have attained a G7 Process Control Master certification. The Idealliance G7 Process Control Master Certification Program certifies Rondo-Pak as a proven print supply chain leader, equipped to handle the most stringent demands and maintain the highest level of quality required of leading print buyers. The process includes thorough analysis and alignment of the entire print supply chain within our facilities as well as our print supply chain partners, conducted by a G7 Process Control Expert, and evaluated quarterly by an independent third-party analysis laboratory. 

There are currently only 8 providers in North America certified at this highest level by Idealliance. Not only is Rondo-Pak one of those 8, but we were also the first – and the only company that offers both commercial print and packaging, to be awarded this certification. Rondo-Pak has proudly held this certification since November 2012.

Our process involves the use of spectrophotometry to keep our color standards within a max Delta E of 2. In addition to our offset presses we offer digital printing, which allows us to use a specific mixture of Pantone inks for the most precise color match on the market.

Our quarterly audit ensures that we are continually calibrating our equipment and our readers to meet the standards and recommendations of our manufacturers and to stay within the tight parameters of G7 Process Control.

Rondo-Pak and it’s Contemporary Graphic Solutions division has been a premier supplier of sophisticated, precision packaging and printed marketing materials for over 36 years. We offer a wide range of packaging and marketing solutions to answer the challenges of our customers in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Consumer industries.

 At Rondo-Pak, we continually provide tomorrow’s solutions today – as well as industry-leading quality service.