Tamper-Evident Packaging – Keeping Your Products Secure


Package security and safety are always at the forefront of the pharmaceutical packaging industry. What was acceptable in the past is no longer state of the art today, and our greatest achievements and advancements of today will soon be outmatched by new technology in the future. In the constant evolution of packaging, the one thing that will always remain the same is the consumer’s trust. With tamper-evident packaging, companies across the world can ensure that consumers know and trust what is inside.

Tamper-Evident: Explained

Tamper-evident packaging, as defined by the FDA, is a package “having one or more indicators or barriers to entry which, if breached or missing, can reasonably be expected to provide visible evidence to consumers that tampering has occurred.” Additionally, this barrier must be unique in design as to not be easily duplicated by the public. The package label must also include a description of the barrier, and a statement that informs the consumer not to use the product if tampering is apparent.

Tamper-evident packaging is extremely common in food, medicines, and consumer products. Tamper-evident cartons are one of the most popular types of tamper-evident packaging. Carton packaging is the eco-friendliest way to include tamper-evident features, especially when the carton uses folding technology as opposed to an adhesive to close the package.


While tamper-evident packaging is the most secure way to currently package products, there are of course some setbacks to the use of these features. With tamper-evident packaging, companies can run the risk of making their packages too secure – making it difficult or seemingly impossible to open. It is important to find the line between secure and impenetrable to avoid building a reputation of impossibly difficult packaging.

Nevertheless, with tamper-evident packaging being applied to a wide variety of products, it seems like this practice is the way moving forward. When people receive packages from an e-commerce provider they will never physically visit, they want to be confident that the products they receive are fresh and have not been altered in any way. This, in turn, will build a level of trust between the business and the consumer.

Environmental Impact

Another challenge with tamper-evident packaging, such as blister packs used for over the counter pharmaceuticals, is a complex recycling process. These packages tend to feature at least two types of material often being inseparable from each other (i.e. adhesives, extra plastic, etc) – preventing them from being properly recycled. This ultimately can result in far more materials ending up in landfills and the ocean.

To combat this, many manufacturers have become aware of these environmental concerns and have begun producing tamper-evident packaging supplies that are 100% recyclable in order to comply with environmental demands, as well as increasing consumer demands. In turn, this creates trust with the consumer while also lowering a company’s environmental impact and carbon footprint.

The Latest in Tamper-Evident Technology

One of the leading ways to counteract these environmental impacts is a tamper-evident carton that features a folding tab, and lacks a glue adhesive. This packaging ensures high resistance to tampering while also making it extremely apparent to consumers if the product has been tampered or altered.

The absence of removable byproducts or pieces on these items allows for the minimization of choking hazards, and makes the cartons tamper-evident while also being environmentally friendly as they eliminate the need for glue or additional labeling. This technology typically requires far less upfront cost, minimal supply chain adjustments, and remains easy, safe, and affordable for both the business and consumer.

Additionally, according to the newest FDA and TGA guidelines, paper cartons sealed with glued flaps are no longer recognized as an anti-counterfeit measure.


Ultimately, the advantages of tamper-evident packaging are clearly valuable. Tamper-evident packaging not only protects consumers, it has the potential to save lives.

We will eventually develop a way to a completely sustainable form of packaging, using zero waste. Until then, tamper-evident packaging remains the most accessible and secure option for protecting drugs, food, and other products that must be protected from contamination.

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